2017/2018 Scholarships

Local Scholarships

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Be sure to download the " Scholly" application through Play Store or the App Store to assist with their scholarship search! Also, Career Cruising has a plethora of scholarships available.

4-H Scholarships

60 Unusual Scholarships to apply for

IBPA Student Scholarship (Bullying Prevention)

New!! Community Foundation for Cloud County Scholarships

Christensen & Hymas General Scholarship

March 1 - Rudd Foundation Scholarship (first generation student)

March 15 - Cloud County Health Center Auxiliary Scholarship (See Mrs. Knox or Pam Campbell)

March 15 - Central Valley Ag Scholarships (Ag)

March 15 - State FFA Scholarship

March 27-Kansas Junior Golf Scholarship - must have participated in golf activities

March 31 - Future Innovators of Agriculture Scholarship

March 31 - Mansfield Family Foundation Scholarship(Local -- See Mrs. Knox for application) 

March 31 - KJIL Go Scholarship (christian college)

May 31 - Injury Lawyers Scholarship (2.5 GPA, student affected by a personal injury)

April 1 - The Washington County Saddle Club and Rodeo Inc Scholarship (Ag, 3.5 GPA) See Mrs. Knox

April 1 - Kansas County Clerks and Election Officials Association Scholarship (3.0 GPA)

April 1 - Kansas Financial Scholars Essay Scholarship Contest ($2500 - Must start this applicatoin early)

April 1 - Kansas Motor Carriers Association - (transportation industry-drivers, mechanics, accounting, communications, business and office personnel and related majors)

April 2 - Kansas Seed Industry Scholarship 

New!! Community Foundation for Cloud County Scholarships (Local)

April 10 - Kansas Seed Industry Scholarship (Ag Major)

April 14 - Keenan Jellison-Knock Fine Arts Scholarship (min 2.5 GPA) (Local) See Mrs. Knox

April 15 - Kansas Livestock Association Scholarship

April 15 - Clint & Billie Hill Basketball Scholarship 

April 20 - RFD 1 Fireman's Auxiliary Scholarship (Local - See Mrs. Knox)

April 30 - Kansas City Associated Equiptment Distributers Scholarship (3.0 GPA - interest in Diesel Mechanics or Heavy Equipment Repair)

May 1 - Tindall Orthodontics Scholarship - Manhattan, KS former or current patient

May 1 - Kansas Career and Technical Workforce Grant (planning to pursue a technical/2 year program)

May 1 - State of Kansas Scholarships

May 31 - Triple-Impact Competitor Scholarship (Juniors - 2.5 GPA)

May 31 - Divorce Matters Scholarship ($2500)

June 15 - Horatio Alger Career & Technical Scholarship

August 1 - Pottroff and Karlin Law Firm Scholarship 

August 1 - Race Entry Student Scholarship 

October 31 - Don't Pay Full Scholarship