In an attempt to answer many of the common questions we’re getting Mr. Baker has set up this FAQ section of the COVID-19 section of the website:

I’m seeing/hearing that students will not be back in the buildings for instruction?
Currently that is true.  We will re-evaluate that mid-April. The parameters the staff have been given is that beginning the week of March 30 all learning opportunities will begin with no in-person instruction. Possible waivers from this rule could be manual arts classes (HS Art, HS Industrial Arts, weights, etc). Instructions on how this will look beginning March 30 will be made public sometime late in the week of March 23.  Please, again, understand that we're creating learning opportunities... not school.  What comes from teachers, etc will look a lot different than it would have before the school closure.  

Will graduation, prom, senior awards night, etc be held?
Graduation, prom, and gatherings of the like will not be held on their currently scheduled dates. We are under restrictions of 10 or less people per room and each person must have their 6 foot of social distance. There is no way for this to happen within the recommendations we are adhering to. Currently, we are not setting a make-up date for this as the length of the recommendations can change at any time and do not want to get hopes up for a day. Once restrictions are lifted we can resume discussions about these activities.

Can the community host these events without the school facilities being used or school personnel being involved?  
We would strongly caution you not to do that. By doing that you open yourself up to liability issues that you probably aren’t covered to handle. Also, many of the same restrictions/recommendations have been placed on all public and private places so finding a safe and appropriate place would be very difficult.

When will my child be able to come in and retrieve their belongings that are at the school?

What special cleaning is being done in the buildings prior to people being allowed in?
As always our custodial staff has been hard at work disinfecting desks, busses, door handles, etc. However, with no students and minimal staff in the building the past 2 weeks we have been able to hit them multiple times with a disinfectant that on the “EPA’s Registered Antimicrobial Products for Use Against Novel Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2, the Cause of COVID-19” list. We’ll continue to do that throughout the days ahead until we have the all clear.

What’s the best way to reach an administrator or teacher?
Call or email is the best. If you visit the staff link you can check out everyone’s email address. Also, the secretaries will be in the buildings beginning March 23 and should be able to transfer you to teachers when/if needed.

My senior needs additional documentation from Mrs. Knox on scholarship. What do I do?
Any local scholarships you wish to hand in can be placed inside the gray Clifton-Clyde High School mailbox. Catholic Church scholarships can also be dropped off at the rectory or farm and home if you wish. The VFW R&R scholarship can still be turned in.  Thank you for your patience and reach out to Mrs. Knox or Mr. Baker with any concerns..

Will hourly staff and supplemental be paid during this school closure/
Yes. To be able to apply for the waiver from our minimum requirements for hours USD 224 must continue to pay the personnel contracts that have been BOE approved. Some hourly staff members may have different responsibilities than they did before the closure, but they will be here to some extent and will get paid their contracted amount.